Saturday, July 20, 2019

Five Random Things

1.  I miss my family.  I miss my Dad.  The world seems a little less bright without him in it.  I expect I'll work through that, but it still hurts that he's gone.  I went home a few weeks ago to my Mom's house in South Carolina, and we opened a new chapter in the family "book".  It was much needed, and great to reconnect with my brother too.  I was shocked he actually took the whole week off.  I think that's a first...  Here's the fam, cruising the Augusta Canal.  I'm the one in the back, lol.

2.  Kwizgiver gets a HUGE shout out for mentioning a Snapfish sale.    I got this photo made into an 11 x 14 canvas print for my Mom for only FIVE BUCKS.  Whoa.  Great sale.

3.  Hubs bought us a membership to the Albuquerque BioPark, which includes the zoo, aquarium, and botanical gardens.  We've already been twice, and were all set to go this weekend, however, it's half-price for NM residents this weekend, so we decided to stay home, since it's highly likely there's going to be a large crown.  Plus, it's supposed to be over 100 degrees, so that's probably a good plan.  Twin brothers Kiska and Koluk, have a refrigerated pool, ice cave and plenty of water slides and water falls.  I seriously could use that in my back yard... We really enjoyed these guys playing and swimming.

4.  OMG, hubs has an interview with the school system next week.  I'm so very proud of him for sticking it out all these years, through all the moves, changing majors, etc. and he's finally graduated with his bachelors degree in elementary education.  He's found his calling, and how awesome is THAT?  

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5.  Off to the big mall in ABQ tomorrow.  It's kind of a haul, about 40 minutes, but we figured we could enjoy the AC and stroll a bit.  Today it's housecleaning and Maddie's obedience class.  Plus, brunch at our favorite New Mexican restaurant.  Mmmmm, carne adovada stuffed sopaipilla, with an egg on top--YUM.


  1. I am so proud of him too. It has been a long haul for you two. I did not know he was going to be a teacher. YAY! My granddaughter told me tonight she is changing her major to teaching. (it was nursing) She's been working in a nursing home as a CMA/CNA and thinks the stress is too much. I do understand how much you miss your dad. Today is 5 years since Richard died and I still miss him so very, very much! Be good to yourself!

  2. I think both jobs are stressful, albeit in different ways. The $ are definitely different, lol. Good luck to her!