Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Stealing--Food Meme

I have to say, the caps in this one hurt my eyes.  But I got through it.  If you want to play--go here.

01. CHEESE or CHOCOLATE?  Definitely cheese.  I’m not a big sweets fan, they upset my stomach.  I love all kinds of cheese though—right now I’m obsessed with these little mozzarella snacks.  They are great with a bit of salt and fresh ground pepper.  Mmmm.

02. BLUEBERRIES or STRAWBERRIES?  Blueberries.  I’ll also eat strawberries, but the acid in them tends to give me canker sores.  Ewww, right?

03. COFFEE or TEA?  Either, but iced is required.

04. CORN MUFFIN or ENGLISH MUFFIN?  English—always had them growing up

05. PANCAKES or FRENCH TOAST?  Neither.  See not a big sweets fan above

06. YOGURT or CREAM CHEESE?  Cream cheese, mixed with blue cheese stuffed into celery.  It’s my family’s official snack.  Sprinkled with cayenne pepper.

07. RICE or PASTA?  Rice.  Basmati or Jasmine (are they the same, I wonder) preferred.

08. CAKE or PIE?   Neither.  The sweets thing again.

09. GROUND BEEF or GROUND TURKEY?  Dear God, not turkey.  Turkeys were just not meant to be ground.  The texture is just so bizarre to me…

10. HOT DOGS or HAMBURGERS?  Hamburgers.  Preferably with cheese and green chile.  It’s a New Mexico thing.

11. JELLY or MARMALADE?  Marmalade.  On the aforementioned English muffin.

12. AMERICAN CHEESE or SWISS CHEESE?  Swiss.  Unless we’re talking burgers. 

13. DIET SODA or NO SODA?  No soda.  OK, maybe a ginger ale when I’m feeling festive.

14. LEMONADE or ICED TEA?  Iced tea.  I’m southern, we have iced tea for blood.  Sweet tea, really, but I don’t know how I drank that awful stuff all those years. 

15. CHERRIES or GRAPES?  OMG, cherries.  I wish you could get them year-round.  Flathead cherries are the best (from the Flathead Valley in Montana)


17. WAFFLES or PANCAKES?  We already settled this one, didn’t we?

18. WHITE BREAD or WHOLE-GRAIN/WHEAT BREAD?  French bread or sourdough.  Technically white, but definitely not Wonder.

19. PEAS or CARROTS?  Either, like them both.


21. COLD CEREAL or HOT CEREAL?  Cold.  Although, I haven’t had cereal in forever.

22. KETCHUP or MUSTARD?  Depends on what you’re putting it on…

23. MUSTARD or MAYONNAISE?   Again, depends

24. MAYONNAISE or KETCHUP?  Dear Lord.  D.E.P.E.N.D.S.

25. BLACK OLIVES or GREEN OLIVES?   Green, by a whisker.

26. ONION or GARLIC?  Can one live without either?  I think not.

27. PLAIN BARBECUE or BARBECUE WITH SAUCE?  Brisket with no sauce.  Pulled pork with sauce.

28. SCRAMBLED EGGS or FRIED EGGS?  Fried, over easy.

29. EGGS or EGG REPLACEMENTS?  The words egg and replacements should not be together.

30. MEAT or VEGETABLES?  I’m a carnivore through and through.

31. CHINESE TAKE-OUT or PIZZA?  If we had good Chinese take-out here, it would be that.  But we don’t, so pizza it is.

32. SUSHI or DELI SANDWICH?  I could eat a sandwich every day.  

33. WHITE CLAM CHOWDER or RED CLAM CHOWDER?  Red is a travesty (sayeth the child of parents from Massachusetts)

34. KEY LIME PIE or LEMON MERINGUE PIE?  Neither.  Sugar.

35. PIE & ICE CREAM or CAKE & ICE CREAM?  Sigh.  Neither.

36. WHIPPED CREAM or CAKE FROSTING?   Whipped cream

37. HONEY or MAPLE SYRUP?  Honey, maple just tastes weird to me

Sunday, January 5, 2020


Borrowed from Kwizgiver.

I am...

Reading:  Various cookbooks.  A Keto one, because my husband is back on his Keto plan (he's lost 80# in the last couple of years!).  Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat by Samin Nosrat--wowza.  I just love her "voice" and I'm getting some great tips.  I'm having a terrible time reading here lately--I just can't seem to get into anything new, everything seems overwhelming, so I bought a collection of short stories by a bunch of authors I like called "Press Start to Play"--hoping reading short stories will get me interested in reading again.  Once again, I've put too much on my plate (school, work, blah, blah) and reading seems to take the back seat...

Listening to: Ellie purring.  It is the most relaxing sound.  The dog is also snoring quietly.  It's very homey.

Loving:  Nothing right now.  I'm pretty much in overwhelmed mode, especially since we are about to have my in-laws here for a week.

Thinking: about money.  I'm feeling stressed about how much debt I'm in, and I'm so sick of bearing the whole weight of the finances on my shoulders.  Thank you, God, for sending me down the RN path, because without the great salary I have I'd be screwed.   I really need hubs to finish school and get a fucking job, and that's going to take another 18 months.  He doesn't seem incredibly motivated to finish, and I don't know what to do about that either.  I'm feeling fairly trapped by all of this, which totally sucks, and is the root cause of all the overwhelmedness (is that even a word) and anxiety I feel.

Feeling: Overwhelmed.  Yep, that's the word for today's blog post.

Celebrating:  my weight loss--a positive thing in all the doom and gloom.  I've lost 27 lbs since August 1st, and continue to lose.  I feel good about food choices, and there are more fruits and vegetables in my fridge than last year.  So yay!

Grateful for:  Bonuses.  We are short a person at work, so I'm working on Sundays from home.  I get paid a full shift bonus for about 3 hours of work.  Thanks, boss lady.  Definitely helping on the money front. 

Weather:   another classic New Mexico winter day.  32 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, 57% humidity.  Snow from last week pretty much gone.  Forecasting a high of 48 today, which will feel like high 50s thanks to our sunshine and 5600 ft altitude.  

Enjoying:  Blogging, even though I feel like I'm whining something terrible.  It's a good brain dump for me.  I really should find a therapist, but the last time I tried that it did not go well.

A quote I want to share:  "No amount of money ever bought a second of time." --Tony Stark, Avengers Endgame