Saturday, August 29, 2020

Remodel in the bag...and a hella lot of GRATITUDE!

If you've been reading me a while you know that we've been remodeling our house.  Well, folks, we made it through, and our marriage is still intact.  MIRACLE!!  I'm so incredibly happy with how things came out--it was seriously worth the month it took.  I could have had it done much faster, but it would have cost me 10K more than it did.  Hence, I put up with the month of people in my house.  Nice people, though.  Maddie fell in love with the boss contractor.  It was adorable.  So you wanna see some pictures?  Huh? Huh?!  

Dining Room:

Living Room:

Hall and part of the kitchen.  Note the anti-doggie gates, with their convenient cat stairs.  I hate a dog that rushes the door and mills about the kitchen, and unfortunately, Maddie just can't help herself.

New shades for the pre-existing fan and new chandelier for the dining room, with the same shades.  I love, love, love these shades--we have them in the bathroom as well.  

So a bit of back story.  We rented this house in 2014.  It had always been a rental, and it showed.  The carpets were beige berber that could not be cleaned.  Everything was a "contractor special".  We loved it anyway, and back in 2017, we got the bargain of a lifetime and purchased the house for way below market.  WAY.  The bones were good, but it needed some love.  We did this and that, when we could afford it.  

The real estate market got better and better and then....COVID.  People buying houses like mad due to the low interest rates.  The value of our house SHOT up, and the interest rates fell.  We were able to refinance, and we did a cash-out.  So, COVID made it possible for us to get completely out of debt, and do the remodel, which feels REALLY, REALLY weird when I think about it too much.

COVID sent us home, and the company decided to leave us home.  So, I'm back in a home office.  

Lastly, and more important than all the above, is that my Mom decided to move here from South Carolina.  Not in with us, but to her own, beautiful apartment.  She's excited to downsize, not have to worry about the house and the property, and I'm over the moon that she'll be a few miles down the road.  

I feel so grateful for my life these days.  Gratitude every single day for my profession, my husband, my family, my LIFE.