Sunday, November 29, 2020


I am...

Reading:  A Memory Called Empire, by Arkady Martine.  Still.  And Marketing textbooks.  Uggg.  And blog posts.  And the Washington Post (I read that every day).

Listening to:  the fan from the bedroom.  The tick of the clock.  The tinnitus in my head.  Otherwise silence, lol.

Loving:  having my Mom 15 minutes down the road.  We went over there and provided tech support yesterday, along with a homemade pizza.  Her apartment is coming along—pictures being hung, etc.  She took several years worth of photographs that had hung in the old house and made a scrapbook that I love! 

Thinking:  about how sick I am of school.  Why I took on another master’s degree is beyond me (at least that’s the way I feel this minute).  I’m just burned out on the whole process.

Feeling:  blah and antsy all at once.  My mood is all over the place today.

Celebrating:  Got phase III of outside Christmas done.  Hubs had an exam and wasn't in the mood so I got the ladder out and did the lights on the tree in our front yard all by myself.  It was lovely being out in the sun.  I can't wait until night falls and I can see the whole thing alight!

Grateful for:  EVERYTHING

Weather:  a gorgeous, sunny day today, high of 48.  I sat in the sun, with my sun hat on, and worked on the dreaded Marketing awhile.  In a t-shirt and sweats.  In November.  I love New Mexico in the Fall. 

Enjoying:  The Spanish Princess on Starz.  The story of Katherine of Aragon’s early years with Henry VIII.  It's wildly melodramatic and historically inaccurate, but fun, nonetheless.

A quote I want to share:   

Dare to be yourself.  –Andre Gide

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  1. About that Masters.. "Eyes on the Prize". You will get it done and it will YOURS ALL YOURS!
    It's lovely that your mother lives close by. That's a treasure in and of itself.
    Congratulations on the tree decorating! What a job! Merry Merry...