Saturday, November 14, 2020

Saturday 9 -- All of Me

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Saturday 9: All of Me (2013)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) John Legend sings he loves his woman's "perfect imperfections." Tell us something quirky or imperfect about a loved one that you would not change. 

My brother believes in Sasquatches, Orbs, and other oddball phenomena.  Or at least I think he does--I'm still not sure if he's just having me on or what, but I think it’s utter hooey.  But it’s totally him, and is sweet and endearing.   We had this big long discussion earlier this week when I was home--apparently he and a friend were going to run away from home when they were 7 or 8.  They were sitting at the end of the driveway, contemplating their plan, when a triangular shaped device with three "glowing orbs" appeared above them, hovered around, and then zoomed off.  He swears this happened--it freaked them out so bad that they scrambled under a nearby car.  So my brother may have had an alien encounter?  Or something.  He's stuck to that story all these years.  Stranger things....

2) John wrote this love song to his wife, Chrissy Teigen. The couple recently lost their baby after pregnancy complications. To whom did you most recently send a sympathy (or "thinking of you") card or message?

My Mom, a month or so ago.  Not a sympathy card, but a ‘thinking of you’ care package of little odds and ends I thought would make her smile.  A little pack of coasters that were watermelon on one side and lemon on the other.  Wool dryer balls.  Some red chile' chocolate.  A nice smelling hand lotion that I like.

3) While adventurous in his creative career choices, John admits his taste in food leans toward the tried and true. His favorites are chicken (rotisserie or fried), macaroni and cheese, and steamed vegetables. What's on your weekend menu?

Wild Alaskan salmon tonight.  We bought a good sized fillet, and I’ll likely bake it with lemon and herbs, maybe some capers, and serve with asparagus and some buttered rice.  Yum.

4) When he was growing up, John's mother, Phyllis, helped support the family as a seamstress. Are you any good with a needle and thread?

Not a bit.  Sewing a button back on is the limit of my skills.  My mother tried to teach me.  She’s an amazing seamstress—made all our clothes as kids, right on up into high school.  And I was proud to wear the beautiful shirts she made me with my jeans.  Home Ec (remember that?) tried to teach me too, but I just don’t have the patience.

5) As a child, he was such a big fan of Andy Griffith and Matlock that he wanted to be a lawyer. If you grew up to have the same occupation as the TV character you liked best as a kid, what would you be doing?

 I’d be a drafted doctor in a war zone – I loved Alan Alda as Hawkeye Pierce in M.A.S.H.


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Ran across this article while hunting for an was pretty interesting.  Speaking of M.A.S.H., I ran across this video on Facebook by Frank Vaccariello.  Enjoy!

6) John is a judge on The Voice. Do you watch that show? Or America's Got Talent, or American Idol?

I never missed America’s Got Talent before the pandemic.  I started watching it as things were ramping up this year, and when the audience went away it totally fell flat for me.  It felt fake, and forced, and the performances seemed lackluster—it must be hard to go out and perform for an empty auditorium….

7) In 2013, the year this song was popular, twin baby pandas were born at Zoo Atlanta. Their panda parents had been given to the US as a gift from the Chinese, with the understanding that any offspring would be given to China. So, in 2016, the panda cubs were flown to a Chinese conservation center. They had a hard time adjusting at first, confused by jet lag, unresponsive when spoken to in Chinese, unimpressed by their new diet. Have you ever found yourself similarly overwhelmed when you traveled far from home? (BTW, the pandas are doing just fine now in their permanent Chinese home.)

Um, yeah.  All last week, right up to as I type this.  Going home to SC, packing the house, tying up those loose ends, etc.  Poor Mom was even more overwhelmed than I.  Then a 4 day trek across the country from SC to NM.  And now we’re back on lockdown starting Monday, so that sucks.  The move must go on though—Mom needs to be in HER apartment, not in my office/bedroom.  She needs HER stuff, not to be living out of a suitcase.  We all need out lives to get back to normal. 

8) Also in 2013, The Pope posted his first tweet. What social media platforms do you regularly use?

Facebook, Instagram, and good old Blogger.  I never could get into the tweeting thing, and Pinterest is just too overwhelming.

9) Random question: Have you ever a) written something on a public wall or b) carved anything into a tree of bench?

I signed my name to a wall at Rhinehart’s, an "dive" oyster bar we always went to near my brother’s place.  The walls (pretty much every surface) are covered—it’s a “thing”.   It's a hole in the wall, but man, everything is tasty.  I always get a dozen on the half shell, and he goes for a pound of spicy boiled shrimp.  We always went there every time I flew back home.  

Happy Saturday, ya'll.  And a big shout out to "Crazy Sam" for all the great questions you put out every week.  I can really see the hard work that goes into them.  



  1. I loved reading about your brother. I think #1 is my favorite q/a this week.

    I've seen that MASH covid clip and adore it! I just watched MASH last night on MeTV and enjoyed it thoroughly. I wonder if sitcoms are now a thing of the past ...

    Hearing about your move made me want to take a nap!

  2. OMG--that MASH clip is so awesome!!! I loved that show.

    My Dad is a firm believer in UFOs, I forgot about that until your answer.

    Welcome home to you and your Mom!

  3. I love the care package you gave your mom, how sweet and thoughtful. I hope you all get settled in. Loved your answers! Have a nice weekend.

  4. I love the Mash video clip.
    The thing is I remember most of those scenes in the video montage

  5. That dive bar sounds like a great place. I hope some of those spots survive. Good luck with the mom move!

  6. You have such an interesting slant on life. Wonderful actually. Our whole family liked to watch the re-runs of Mash. They remember it from time to time.

    You're brother described, perfectly, what happened to my husband and I in 1970 outside our old house. We were looking up at the pretty clouds and chatting, when slowly from around from the back of the clouds came a brilliant light. It moved down in front of clouds, closer to us and paused. Then we heard the navy jets scrambling on North Island, and the light came closer to us, and as the jets got louder, the light turned and shot like a bullet to the east and out over the desert. We have never, ever, forgotten it.