Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Ten Things Tuesday--The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Edition

The Good:

1.  I've really been enjoying blogging again.  I hope I have the energy to continue after I go back to work and get back to working on school.   

2.  Mom and I are in the process of going through 15 YEARS of pictures on her computer.  My father was a prolific photographer of everything.  He literally took photos of 1000s of cars at car shows all over the place.  Mom wants to clean all that out--she's like "what do I need with pictures of some random hot rod owned by a person I don't even know".  We made it to 2011 yesterday.  More to come today.  The awesome thing about this project is that I'm getting to see hundreds of photos of my family that I've never seen.  Lots of pictures of me and hubs from early in our marriage that I somehow lost along the way.  Pictures of my daughter that her dad sent to my parents, but didn't share with me.  It's a fun, if tiring project.

3.  Mom, Maddie, and Lily.  The pets adore her (especially Maddie and Lily).

4.  Mom's move is coming along.  Her stuff should be here later this week.  Her cat, Smokey, is living at the apartment.  We go over twice a day and hang out with her.  The move has thoroughly freaked her out and she is hiding here and there.  All will be well by Thanksgiving, I think.

5.  It was so gorgeous yesterday--we sat out in the back yard and soaked up the sun (Maddie too).

6.  Hammock in the sun.  Heaven! I really needed a vacation from work, and I'm finally starting to destress.

The Bad:  

7.  We are back in lockdown for two weeks for a reset.  I understand why she (our governor, Michelle Lujan Grisham) did it, cases are up, hospitals are full, people are dying.  I have a feeling two weeks won't be enough, and we're pretty much shutting the barn door after the horse has gotten out.  I am so grateful for a remote job, but I worry about the fragile economy we have, and the folks who can't work.  I worry that this is going to go on past the two weeks.  Let's be straight....I just worry.  It's like my hobby or something.

8.  Let's be clear.  I wear a mask, wash the skin off my hands, use hand sanitizer after I touch anything, and socially distance.  Mom and I got tested before we laid eyes on each other in SC, and we got tested again before we laid eyes on hubs.  So now we're a "pod" of 3 and mask wearing etc etc is the rule.  It took a bit of convincing to get my Mom on board with this, because she has different political views than I do.  Why, oh why, have we/they politicized a public health crisis??!!  It screwed us from the get.

The Ugly:

9.  Here it is, two weeks after an election like no other, and the current administration is follow the marching orders of their own personal dictator and blocking the transition of power to the president that WE THE PEOPLE elected.  It infuriates me.  I'm not surprised that the orange troll is kicking and screaming and pounding his little feet like a toddler, considering his ass is going to be in a world of legal trouble once he leaves office, but it's pretty disgusting just how weak much of the GOP really is.  

10.  In a way, I feel sorry for Biden.  Unless we get democratic senators in Georgia, McConnell and his cronies are going to continue to roadblock everything sane.  Cleaning up the scorched earth of the last 4 years will take decades.


  1. The photo project sounds like fun! Your mom's cat Smokey is gorgeous, I hope the poor baby adjusts quickly. Your Maddie is adorable! Glad you are getting a break and I totally agree with you on all the bad stuff. Our whole country needs to be in lockdown for at least a month. I'm in Florida, our governor isn't going to do a thing to try to protect us. I'm terrified to leave the house!

  2. Welcome back to blogging!

    Don't worry about the cat. Really. Cats do things in their own cat time. All you can do is love them and facilitate them. You cannot change their feline time line.

    I literally just heard Trump say he won the election. I can't wait for this to be done.