Thursday, November 5, 2020

Three on Thursday

 Led there by Kwiz, and you can play here.

Uno.  Took a break from decisions about what comes to New Mexico and what stays and spent the afternoon walking around Hopeland Gardens.  I feel bad for Mom, she's like.... this is an awful lot of decisions.  Yep.  Fortunately, she's made a ton of those decisions already, and we're down to the last few.  

Dos.  Tomorrow Mom closes on the house, and we spend the evening with my brother and his wife celebrating!

Tres.  I miss hubs, and my animal kids.  Mom's cat finally came out and said hi to me today, which is quite an accomplishment, since I've only been here two days.  Mom and I are both dreading getting Smokey into the carrier for her cross-country trip...she's a wiley one, that cat.

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  1. Hugs to your Mom! Such transitions! And good luck with Smokey.