Thursday, November 12, 2020

Three on Thursday


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German numerals in honor of Mom today.  We are on day 4 of our trip from South Carolina to New Mexico.  Last night we arrived in Gainesville, Texas, which is the home of my Uncle (Mom's older brother).  We are visiting he and my Aunt today--it's been quite a long time since Mom has seen her brother, even longer since she's seen her niece.  My cousin is visiting up from the Dallas area today, we haven't seen each other since 2017, so I'm pretty excited.  It will be quite a family reunion.


Today has really got me thinking about family, and how, in the grand scheme of things, small ours is.  My father was the only child of two only children.  He's gone now, as are his parents.  So, it's my Mom's side--her parents are gone.  There's my Mom, her brother, and her sister.  Her brother had a daughter.  The sister never had children.  So, MY generation is just me, my brother, and my cousin.  Collectively, we've had 5 children.  We've had some challenges--my brother only has a relationship with 1 of his 2 daughters.  While I have a relationship of sorts with my only child, I haven't seen her in 20 years, and my cousin only has a relationship with her son.  It's sad, and someday, I hope all our relationships will get worked out for the best.  The three of us have 4 grandchildren.   Somehow, I doubt there will ever be a "family reunion", but today will be great fun I hope, and will have to do.


Smokey the cat is tolerating the traveling relatively well, but man she does not like being shut up in the bathroom at night alone, and has been keeping us up.  She's a terrible sneak, and can hide in the most out of the way, tiniest places, so we are loathe to let her loose in a hotel room, because she's near impossible to find and get back in the carrier.  So I could use some more sleep.  Home on Friday.  We will ALL be glad to get settled.


  1. It's fantastic you'll get a family visit on this cross-country adventure! Sorry about the cat.

  2. I am so glad that you are traveling to New Mexico for a family visit. I have learned this past year (again) not to take family for granted. I just read that NM went under lockdown due to COVID again. Good luck and stay safe!