Friday, December 11, 2020

Five on Friday--Random Ramblings

Friday is my new Saturday, so it's nice to be blogging and not working.  I went on a Sunday-Thursday schedule a few weeks ago, and I love it!!  

Here we go--

1.  I gave blood yesterday.  For all the years I was at the bedside, I always gave blood, because I know how much of it we used in my area (cardiovascular ICU).  For a couple of years, I even gave platelets, which is a tedious 4 hour process.  But, after I left hospital nursing, I never really got back to it.  Then, I spent a couple of years on a blood thinner, so no donating there.  But with Covid and all, I decided to get back to it.  Bonus--they test you for Covid antibodies, and if you have them, you can donate convalescent plasma.  So off to the bus in a driving snowstorm, and zip zap, 1 pint of blood donated.

2.  We are known for our sunsets here in New Mexico, but the last couple of mornings we've had some spectacular sunrises.  I'm sitting here in my office and the light coming through the window is literally pink.  I knew something was special when the light coming down through my skylights was pink too.  I ran outside with my phone and these are the results.  No filters....just the Land of Enchantment saying good morning.

3.  Christmas is done, I mean decorating for it.  We added some color to the outside this year.  And the inside just makes me feel warm and cozy.

4.  I love getting up early (4ish) and getting school work done in the morning before I start work at 6.  Maddie is the cutest co-worker.  She curls up on the futon in my office and sleeps the day away whilst I work.  What a life!

5.  Today, I'm going with Mom to get her New Mexico drivers license, and her car registered.  After, we're going to go on a hunt for some potting soil and pots so she can start rebuilding her plant collection.  I found the MOST beautiful Christmas cactus yesterday and dropped it by--her house just didn't look right without a plant in it.  We had to leave two beautiful Christmas cacti behind in SC because we just didn't have one more bit of space in the car.  So it was fitting.  This one is about to bust out in deep fuschia blooms....I can't wait.  We're going here....I've never been and can't wait!

Happy Friday!

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  1. What a glorious sunrise! We've been overcast and dreary for weeks. I miss the sun!