Thursday, December 24, 2020

Three on Thursday


Uno.  It's Christmas Eve, and I'm actually off for the first time in .... well a long time.  I'm off Christmas too!  Huzzah!  Being off on Christmas is a big deal for an RN.  While I don't work at the bedside anymore, my department is still 365 days a year.  Hospitals never stop, and neither do we.  So what am I going to do with all this wonderful time?  Wellll....

Dos.  I'm getting really close to the end of the MBA in Healthcare Management.  I'm almost done with my final paper for Service Line Development, and then it's diving into the slog that is Global Economics.  I start my capstone project in March, and after that, I'll be truly done.  It will be weird--I've pretty much been in school nonstop for a few years now.  What WILL I do when I am done?

Tres.  Haven't a clue.  Well a little clue.  I really, really want to learn Excel.  Like deeply learn it.  I can do basic formulas, basic graphing, but the data functions elude me and pivot tables....fuhgeddaboudit.  There are some online courses out there, so that will probably be my project after school is over.  

Happy Christmas, folks.  Hubs and I are spending it home alone, Mom is participating in socially distanced activities at her apartment.  Tomorrow, she comes over and we feast on beef Osso Buco.  My idea--I love a good braised piece of beef.  Fa la la la!