Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Early Morning Randomness

I am supposed to be studying Global Economics.  Christ, I hate this class with every fiber of my being.  I'd rather poke my eyes out with a stick than study this shite.  I am so very burned out on school.  I just want to be DONE.  

Thank you boss lady for giving me tomorrow off.  I need a mental health/regroup day.  So tomorrow, I shall do economics, and mop the floor.

Our weather has sucked this week.  Very not-New Mexico in that it's been overcast, which makes it cold, and very New Mexico in that it's been windy as hell which makes it bitter cold.  I miss my daily walks with Maddie....we took her to the park yesterday and I had all my super cold gear on and was still frozen when we got home.  Ugggg.  C'mon sun, come back to us.

I am so hopeful for our new administration.  I am so THANKFUL that the POS that used to live in the White House is gone.  Hopefully, he will get impeached/arrested and spend the rest of his life in prison.  And that is the last time I mention him on this blog....time to move on.

Pizza night with Mom tonight.  Don't think we'll get our pre-dinner walk in....another overcast, windy day is in the forecast.

And it's time for work.  

Have a good day, ya'll.

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sunday Stealing -- A to Z

Join us here.

A - Annoyance:

School.  School is a great annoyance right now, specifically Global Economics.  Most subjects are relatively easy for me, but for some reason, economics is killing me.  I may just be very.burned.out on school, but this is literally the penultimate class before I get my MBA, so it’s not like I can just blow it off. 

B - Bestest Friend[s]:

Hubs.  And Mom.  I have work friends, but no “bestest” friends.  I think I’ve just moved way too much over the years, and as an introvert, just have a hard time finding people to really connect too.  I’d be very lonely without hubs.

C - Car:

Hyundai Tucson.  I love my little SUV.  It has get up and go, with its turbo engine.  It’s really nice not having to try and stuff large items into the Mustang anymore.

D - Day or night:

Day.  Early morning in particular.  I have no clue how I worked 12-hour nights for 8 years straight. 

E- Easiest person to talk to?:

Myself.  Nobody else really gets me, even hubs.

F - Favorite Month:

November.  I love autumn in New Mexico.  The weather is perfect and my birthday.

G - Gummy Bears or Worms:

Neither.  Not a fan.

H - Hair Color:

My natural dark brown with a fair amount of gray coming on.  Although, not as much as my brother, who hides his early gray-ness by shaving his head.  Dad was graying by 20, I managed not to get THAT gene.

I - Ice Cream:

I love cashew-milk, preferably sugar-free.  Everything else hurts my tummy.

J - Jewelry:

Only my wedding rings.  On the right 3rd finger, my “first” wedding band, what we could afford, a simple white gold band.  On the left 3rd finger, a beautiful diamond engagement ring and band with 3 diamonds, that came later.  Every once and awhile, I wear earrings, but rarely.  I never wear things around my neck.  I used to love bracelets, but they bang on the keyboard when I type, so I’ve given them up.

K - Kindergarten:

I don’t remember it, but there are lovely photos from Massachusetts, circa 1967 (from a beautiful scrapbook my Mom made for me).

L - Longest Car Ride:

Without a doubt, my move from Missoula, MT to Eagle River, AK.  We took 3 weeks and camped our way through Canada....we criss-crossed British Columbia (Icefield Parkway, OMG, Banff, Stuart, Hyder AK, etc).  It was, without a doubt, the most beautiful and amazing trip of my life.  That I did it with a still-nursing (she weaned on the way) 2 year old and 2 dogs (plus the ex, of course) still blows my mind.

M - Most missed person:

My daughter.

N - Number of Siblings:

Just the one.  He’s a good man.

O - One regret:

My daughter.

P- Part of your appearance you like least?:

Ever and always, my weight.  It’s a fucking curse—not the weight, but the inability to get my head around it.

Q- Quote:

If life were predictable it would cease to be life, and be without flavor. -- Eleanor Roosevelt

R - Reality TV Show:

I love Chopped on the Food Network.  I’ve seen every episode at least twice.

S - Shoe:

Alegrias and Vans.  I love Alegria sandals, and Vans for summer tennis shoes.  Weird—one is the most comfortable shoe in the universe, and the other is relatively uncomfortable, but I love the look. 

T - Time you woke up:

This morning?  Late—5:00 am.   I’m usually up by 04:30 at the latest.

U - Unpredictable?:

Nah.  Predictably predictable.  I am not the most spontaneous person you’ll ever meet.

V - Vegetable you hate:

Lima beans.  Uggghhh.  So MEALY.

W- Worst Habits:

Too many to list.

X - X-Rays:

Negative, thank goodness.

Y - Year you were born:


Z - Zoom:

No.  Just no.  So.very.happy that my employer does not require us to have our video running on conference calls.  THANK YOU.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Saturday 9--Thank U, Next

Join us here

Saturday 9: Thank U, Next (2018)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) In this song, Ariana Grande thanks her former boyfriends for what they taught her about love, life, patience and pain. Do you believe you have learned more from your successes, or your mistakes?

Probably my mistakes. 

2) One of the young men mentioned in the song is Pete Davidson, a cast member of Saturday Night Live. SNL has been on for more than 45 years now. Who is your all-time favorite cast member?

Not a big SNL fan.  I never could stay up that late, lol.

3) Thinking of funny people ... As you can see from the video, Ariana performed "Thank U, Next" on Ellen Degeneres' talk show. Ellen makes people laugh every afternoon. Who in your life can you always count on to make you laugh or smile?

Hubs.  His sense of humor is what attracted me in the first place.  

4) It looks like Ariana Grande's personal romantic saga will have a happy ending because at Christmastime, she announced her engagement. Do you know anyone who is getting married in 2021?

Nope, everyone I know is already hitched.

5) Ariana loves Harry Potter and named her dogs Snape, Lily and Sirius Black after characters in the J.K. Rowling books. Are you a Harry Potter fan?

I love the Harry Potter movies.  I’ve tried to read the books, but just could never get into them, which is weird—I’m usually more about the book than the movie.  My favorite character is Hermione.  Hubs calls me Hermione.  Because I can be pedantic, and a perfectionist, and just well, very Hermione-like (not always a good thing, but I find it hilarious).  

6) She loves board games, especially Monopoly. Sam isn't crazy about Monopoly because it takes so long. How about you? Are you a Monopoly fan?

Monopoly is boring.  Hubs and I play a lot of games, we’ve really gotten into them during the pandemic.  We really like home-grown tin games from Moon Rabbit Toys in Santa Fe, NM like Tigers and Eggs.  We also are playing dice games like Zombie Dice, Qwixx, or Catan Dice (a dice version of Catan, natch), and cooperative games.  They play fast (usually 15-30 minutes) and are lots of fun. 

7) In 2018, the year this song was released, Toys R Us closed all its stores and went out of business. Who received the last toy you purchased? What was it?

A wooden bear jigsaw puzzle for my grandbaby for Christmas.

8) Also in 2018, Aretha Franklin died. What's your favorite Aretha song?

You can’t go wrong with Respect.

9) Random question: Are you more likely to shed a tear at a wedding or during a movie?

Since I’ve been to very few weddings in my time, I’d go with movie.

Sunday, January 3, 2021

Sunday Stealing --

Join us here.  C'mon, you know you want to. 

First things first, did you have a good year?

This is a hard one to answer.  If we’re talking THE WORLD, no not so much.  Me personally?  It was all over the place.  My year has been one of minor inconveniences (in the grand scheme of things) and depression.  

I’ve posted here before, my main feeling about this year is gratitude.  I didn’t get COVID, nor did any of my family.  Due to low interest rates and very little housing stock, my home’s value shot up, allowing us to refinance and remodel and get out of debt.  While it was already in the works, COVID sped up the timeline for my department going permanently remote.  My Mom decided to sell, downsize and leave SC for the Land of Enchantment.  The lunatic currently occupying the White House will be gone soon.  All those things I’m so grateful for. 

On the other hand—my anxiety, OCD, and depression have been off the charts this year.  I finally got a new mental health provider, who has been amazing.  Treating my OCD has eased the anxiety, and we changed up some meds and after a couple of months of crying every day, feeling utterly overwhelmed, etc., I’m finally across the bridge and walking up the hill on the other side.  Grateful again, and proud of myself for ditching a psychiatrist I disagreed with. 

So, I’m going to say, while the year FOR THE WORLD sucked, I’m grateful that it sucked a little bit less for me and I hope and pray and dream that it will suck a little (hell, a LOT) less for everyone else in 2021. 

What was your favorite article of clothing this year?

Pajamas and comfy clothes to work in.  I don’t miss dressing in “real clothes” for work not one little bit.

What song sums up this year for you?

I really, really got into Mandolin Orange this year.  Hands down my favorite singer/songwriters.  This song was written by Bob Dylan, but it’s the most beautiful cover of Boots of Spanish Leather I’ve ever heard, so why not share it with you?  This is from the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville on 9/7/2019.

What was your favorite movie of the year?

I really loved The Old Guard, on Netflix.  It was just brilliant.

Did an actor/actress catch your attention for the first time this year?

Jonathan Majors as Atticus “Tic” Freeman on HBO’s LovecraftCountry.  The show was brilliant and scary and timely, but he was AMAZING.

Image credit

Favorite new TV show?  

It’s not new, but new to me.  We have been watching Kim’s Convenience on Netflix and man, it was just the comedy I needed.  Short episodes, great characters, and crazy funny.   Check it out, you won’t regret it.

Did you make any big permanent changes this year?

My department went remote permanently, so I’m back working at home.  Since I’ve been in NM, I’ve only worked on site 2 years.  Other huge change?  Moved my Mom out here, about 15 minutes from me.  Remodeled the interior of the house—that was huge.

What was one nice thing you did for yourself?

We’ve been running away from home, lol.  We started during the remodel because my OCD brain literally could not tolerate the disarray.  We just drove over the mountain to a little town, stayed the night, got takeout, and BREATHED.  We’ve run away from home every couple of months since, just hubs and me and Maddie, and it’s been a huge boost to my mental health.

Did you develop a new obsession?

Cleaning.  I’m much less of slob now knowing my Mom could be coming by (she always calls first, but STILL).

Did you move?

Well, I helped my Mom pack her house, and drove with her out here to NM, so sorta.  Exhausting.  Emotionally, mentally, physically.  It was so hard on my Mom too…..downsizing from a 1500 sq ft house on 1.5 acres to a 800 sq ft apartment.  Having to go through my Dad’s stuff (he passed away in March 2019)….well, she’s a strong woman, that’s for sure.

Did you get a pet? 

No, four cats and a dog is plenty.  Trust me.

Do you regret not doing anything?

Before COVID we had tickets to the New Mexico Philharmonic’s “Night with John Williams” concert.  I was so excited to hear all my favorites…..he’s my favorite composer.  Star Wars, Raiders, Memoirs of a Geisha, Harry Potter…..   It was postponed from April to October, and then just cancelled.  I was really bummed, and I hope it will happen sometime in the next couple of years. 

Do you regret doing something?

All my regrets are from the past.  I don’t have any regrets about what I’ve done this year.

Did anyone/thing make you so mad it stayed with you for days?

I have been mad/sad/angry/depressed/etc. for FOUR.WHOLE.YEARS watching the country that I love become something that makes me so incredibly sad.  I never thought I’d be embarrassed to be an American.  Better times are coming, I hope.  I dream. 

Did you lose anyone close to you?

Not close, no.  But every death from COVID breaks my heart.  I spend every day at work reading charts of people with COVID.  I hope the lunatic in the White House and his cronies burn in hell for all the deaths they caused.

Who was important to you this year but wasn’t important last year?

A new RN in our department that I trained.  I really like her, we have a lot in common, and she’s wicked smart.

Who wasn’t as important to you this year as they were last year?

I feel like my daughter and I drift further apart every year, even though we were never that close to begin with.  At one point, I hoped we might meet in person for the first time since she was 6, but she’s got her own life and family now, so ….. I don’t know if that will ever happen.

What was the best moment of the year for you?

Having my house finished.  That was pretty amazing.

What was the worst?

The depression.  There were days when I just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.  That is no bueno, let me tell you.

What have you learned about yourself this year that you didn’t know in the years prior?

I’m a lot more of an introvert than I realize.

What do you wish for others for the coming year?

All good things.  No COVID in your life or in the lives of anyone you know.  A job.  Food on the table.  A roof over your head.  Joy.  Gratitude.  Love.

What do you wish for yourself?

All of the above.

Saturday, January 2, 2021

Saturday 9--Feels Like the First Time

Join us here.

Saturday 9: Feels like the First Time (1977)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

Welcome to the first Saturday 9 of 2021!

 1) Look up from your screen. What's the first thing you see?   

A sleeping Maddie.  She had a rough night.  She is absolutely terrified of fireworks, and of course, last night was New Years Eve, so at midnight it sounded like a firefight was going on outside our house.  She got a dose of her special medicine, but she had to endure about 20 minutes of sheer panic before it kicked in.  I hate fireworks with a passion. Sileo has been a godsend. 

 2) Looking back on 2020, what surprised you?  

Just how ignorant and evil some people can be. 


3) Have you made any resolutions for 2021?   

Not really.  Same old shit, really.  Walk more, eat less, spend less, blah, blah, blah. 

4) In Italy, it's said that if you wear red underwear on New Year's Eve, you'll have good luck all year around. Do you have a lucky charm?  


5) In Spain, some New Year's Eve revelers believe that, at the stroke of midnight, you should eat exactly 12 grapes, one at a time and one right after the other, to bring you luck for the next twelve months. Did you have anything special on your New Year's Eve menu?   

No, we just had chicken strips.  They were tasty.

6) In this week's featured song, Foreigner lead singer Lou Gramm lets us know that he'd sail across a stormy sea to reach his true love. How is the weather where you are today? Are you kicking off 2021 under calm skies, or is it stormy?   

Sunny today, with a high of 43. 

7) In the 1990s, Gramm joined forces with Billy Joel in a series of concerts to preserve the Montauk Point Lighthouse. Do you have a favorite Billy Joel song?  

Not a Billy Joel fan, I’m afraid.

8) In 1977, when this song was popular, Star Wars was breaking all box office records. The Spy Who Loved Me, a James Bond movie, was also a hit. If you were going to binge on one of these film series, would you choose Star Wars or Bond?    

That would be a tough choice.  I’d do a bit of each.  Connery and Craig Bond films, and the first 3 and last 3 Star Wars films. 

9) Random question: Would you rather have nothing but green lights for all of 2021, or never have to stand in line for anything all year?

I hate the lines.  So let’s go with that.

Friday, January 1, 2021

Shine On....

We decided to run away from home tonight.  A hotel across the mountains, sans cats.  Maddie is soooooo very chilled.  This is one of my all time favorite live pieces ever.  Enjoy.