Friday, September 3, 2021


I am….

Reading:  Seanan McGuire’s Wayward Children series.  I just finished the third book, Beneath the Sugar Sky.  The next is In an Absent Dream, but I want to get it from the library.  Tomorrow, I’m headed over there to renew my library card.

Listening to:  Lucy gently snoring in her cat tree.  This is the soundtrack of my workday, lol.  I’ve been on a music hiatus for some reason.  I need something new to listen to, I think. 

Loving:  The new job.  Finished up my first audit yesterday, and bosses and team were all very complimentary.  It felt good – this work is so different from my previous job.

Thinking:  How awesome it is that I now get holidays off.  As a nurse, you don’t ever really expect to get holidays off—for most of my career I’ve had to work.  I had 5 years where I got holidays off, but took call, which isn’t REALLY off, and then the last three years I’ve worked most of the holidays.  This job doesn’t allow us to work holidays.  Whoa.  Yay!

Feeling:  A little worried about my health.  My blood pressure meds just seemed to give up the ghost recently, and I’m not happy with my readings.  I’m working with my new PCP to figure it out.

Celebrating:  Friday! 

Grateful for:  My permanent answer to this is “everything”.  My mom is here, my fridge and pantry are full, I have a roof over my head, power, a job…etc.  Having lived much of my life in hurricane country, and having survived a big one (Camille, 1969) I really feel for the folks in affected by Ida. 

Weather:  Monsoon has been bangin’ here—we got 2 whole inches of rain the other day, which is rare here.  Clear this morning, and no chance of rain.  High of 86.  On the down side of summer, finally.

Enjoying:  Mornings.  I get up between 6 and 630, and snuggle with Maddie on the couch in my office.  I read the news, blog, relax.  What I DON’T do is get up and start work right away.  I’m really proud of the way I’ve handled self-care since going remote last year (again).  The last remote job I had, I worked wayyyyyy too much and didn’t take care of myself.  Doing better now.

A quote I want to share:  I love this.  I've really been trying every day to live this.  Everyone seems so angry and inconsiderate these days.  I'm trying to put a little light back into my little corner of the world.


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  1. I like that last line about being forgiving of yourself... I needed that today.