Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Finally Made the Appointments

I can be a procrastinator.  Not about work so much, but everything else is fair game.  Even when it could be detrimental to my health.  I have a dark crusty mole (?) on my neck that drives me batty.  It has definitely changed over time, albeit very slowly.  I made a dermatology appointment 3 months ago, which I have changed twice because of work meetings and the like.  I finally just sucked it up and took a day of vacation so I could actually get there.  I want this thing off.my.neck.  

I've also been having a lot of eyestrain-type headaches.  Too much screen time, I expect.  And I'm wearing glasses that are like 12 years old.  Yesterday, I made an eye appointment.  Finally.

The only appointment I ever seem to keep up with are the pets, mental health care provider, and my PCP.  Mainly because they won't continue to prescribe whatever meds Maddie or I needs unless I get my butt in there.  Which is, I suppose, why they do that.

Speaking of health, I have my wellness visit for work this week.  Ugg.  I'm not going to "make weight", but at least I have enough credits in the no smoking, labs, and blood pressure area to get the full discount on my health insurance for the year.  Which is not chump change--it amounts to $200 discount on my health insurance per paycheck.  A whopping $5,200 a year (for me) and another $5,200 a year (for hubs).  Over ten thousand bucks that doesn't come out of MY pocket, for taking care of my health.  Well, hell, I'll take it. 

And, on the same day, I go to get my Pfizer booster.  My little "thank God it's not COVID" scare makes me very happy that they are available for middle-age, overweight, hypertensive women like me.

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