Saturday, September 25, 2021

Saturday 9--Cardigan

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Saturday 9: Cardigan (2020)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) When she's feeling low, Taylor Swift compares herself to an old cardigan, forgotten under the bed. Do you store anything under your bed? Or do you try to keep that area clear (except for dust bunnies)?

I try to keep it clean under there so Rosie the Roomba can get the dust bunnies and cat hair up.  But hubs’ socks keep ending up under there.  Like ALL the socks.  How does he do that?

2) The lyrics begin with a reference to a new phone. Do you foresee yourself getting a new phone before 2021 ends? Or are you happy with the one you've got?

Oh hell no.  They are just too dang expensive, and my Samsung Note 9 has features I don’t even use, so I highly doubt there would be any reason I would need a new one.  And it’s so lovely to have a reasonable phone bill again.

3) She sings that her lover haunts all of her "what if's." Have you recently wondered, "what if?" What were you musing about?

I try not to “what-if” myself, because it always seems to go to a place of negativity and regret. What if? Feels like looking back.

4) Taylor Swift admits that she rewinds after concerts by watching Friends reruns. What do you do to relax?

Re-read old favorites, re-watch old favorites.  In fact, I’m watching an episode of Firefly right now, “Our Mrs. Reynolds”.  I’ve seen it …. Well, at least 50 times.  Baths are big favorite for relaxing too…I have a deep, corner, garden tub so big I can literally float in it (Grant you, I’m not that tall, lol).  I get the water as hot as I can stand, and it’s lovely.

5) Thinking of TV shows, Taylor appeared on a 2009 episode of CSI. That series was about crime-scene investigators who use forensics to solve murders. Do you enjoy crime shows?

I could watch the original Law and Order anytime, anywhere, over and over.  I’m slowly getting through Bosch as well.

6) Taylor grew up on an 11-acre tree farm where she learned to ride. Her mother was a horsewoman and hoped riding was a passion they could share. When she was 12, Taylor admitted to her mother that she really wasn't that into it and wished she could spend more time on her music. Her mother was supportive. Tell us about a tough conversation you've had that turned out well.

Most recently, discussing Mom's future.  She misses having a house of her own.  She doesn't miss the giant yard and the house headaches and money spent.  She thought about buying a house here.  We discussed it, literally wrote down all the pros and cons, and she took it home and thought about it and made what I think was a wise decision to stay in her apartment.  I was proud of myself for helping her sort through her feelings about it objectively without putting my personal feelings on her.

7) She enjoys good, old-fashioned mysteries, especially those by Agatha Christie. Are you currently reading a book?

Yes, Ammonite, by Nicola Griffith.

8) In 2020, the year this song was released, Jeopardy host Alex Trebek died. The search for a new host has caused interest and even controversy. Would you enjoy the job?

I’m an introvert, no way would I like being on TV in front of millions.

9) Random question: Of Superman's three superpowers -- tremendous strength, the ability to fly, and x-ray vision -- which would you choose?

I think flying is the best of those.  Wouldn’t it be cool to swoop in and out of the clouds, skim across the tops of rivers, and generally be a bird?  I think so.


  1. I'm with you on the "what if's." I don't like the negativity of regret.

    The original Law and Order with the original cast was the best. I love Sam Waterston.

  2. I am glad you were able to talk your mom through all of that. Loved your answers. Have a nice weekend.

  3. I loved Firefly. I could watch it again. :)

  4. What ifs are like "shoulds" - both need to be released into the atmosphere and never thought of again. Of course I think about them all the time anyway.

  5. #6 I had to help my aunt that living on her own was now too much for her. She left the stove on and melted an aluminum pan.


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