Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ten on Tuesday--Fall Cleaning and Stuff

1.    Yesterday's "fall cleaning" went pretty well.  As usual, I overloaded myself, and didn't complete the list, but for a change, I was OK with it.  Scrubbing the grout will have to wait.  I'm heartbroken.

2.    The pantry, the spice cabinet, and the fridge and the kitchen in general are now clean and organized.  I hope it lasts awhile!

3.  Got the whole house vacuumed and mopped.  Hubs helped with this one, I vacuumed and he followed behind with the mop.  I never think of our house as "big", but this job always make it feel enormous.  It's 1800 sq ft, and I am so dang happy it's not one foot larger, because that is a job.  If I had the money, I swear I'd have someone come in and do this every week.  The Rosie the Roomba works for the kitchen, dining room, and hall, but the rooms with tile and carpet throw her off.  She just doesn't get the rugs as clean as the Dyson.

4.  We moved the small hope chest into the dining room, and it actually fit perfectly in the space we had in mind.  We moved all our tabletop games into it, and put a cute lamp on the little table that used to hold a mountain of games.  It looks so much neater in there now. 

5.  Helped hubs get his office organized.  Mainly he organized and I vacuumed.

6.  Was super happy my office was ALREADY organized and clean, because by this time I was running out of steam.

7.  Hub's pepper plant is bangin', we harvested a couple yesterday.  Our cherry tomato plant has tons of fruit on it, but it is taking its sweet time getting ripe.  The sage has completely come back from my harvest, the rosemary is apparently unkill-able, and the squash is dead as a doornail.  Dang bugs.  Next year, we are going to do something completely different I think--we may actually do raised beds instead of containers.

8.  Things I didn't get done that will have to wait--scrubbing and sealing the grout in the front hall.

9.  Things I didn't get done that will have to be done this afternoon--the bathrooms.  At least they are not a disaster and will go quick.

10.  A thing I forgot to put on the list--this isn't really "fall cleaning" per se.  Every Sunday, I clean up the back yard.  Totally spaced it this week.  Dog poop, I'm coming for you.  On that note-- here's a cute pic of the dog in question.  Say Hi, Maddie!

Her foster mom called the merle pattern (spots) on her face, "kiss spots".  I love that.  Maddie is the cutest Austrailian Stumpy-tailed Cattle Dog/Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix ever.  At least I think so!

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