Saturday, September 25, 2021

Well THAT Was a Thing I Did

I spent most of today (up until just now) re-reading most of blog posts and applying labels.  Out of 227, I probably looked at 175 of them.  I really should have thought about labeling when I first started this blog, but that would have been too easy.  Hubs says to me "but WHY?!?!"--well, I kept wanting to find things, and due to the sometimes cryptic titles I used, had to read many, many posts to find them.  Fixed that, ya'll, lol!  So, now if I want to find recipes, posts about family, or the pets, or old Saturday 9s or Sunday Stealings, I can.  I feel like accomplished something today.

In addition, we found a great new Chinese place for lunch.  And picked up some things for the Orange Chicken I'm making tonight at our favorite local butcher, Keller's Farm Store.  Stay tuned for another Cooking is Fun and Easy post coming up.  Actually a couple--we're doing a cooking day tomorrow and I'll be making Borracha Beans (Drunken Beans).  Keller's carries locally farmed pinto beans from the Estancia Valley that I've been thinking about trying for years, and finally bought.

Hope your day was just as good.

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