Friday, October 29, 2021


I am….

Reading:  Nada.  I am struggling to read again.  It’s more like to find something to read.  None of my “old favorites” are doing it for me for a re-read, and I don’t seem to have enough spoons to read new stuff—it seems like Sci-Fi and Fantasy right now is all about the 800 page book, and I can’t keep up the momentum.  Any and all suggestions for something fast, enjoyable, and fun are welcome.  Not limited to SFF.  

Listening to:  Folks headed off to work.  Cars starting, motors humming, the fans in the bedroom.

Loving:  Not much at the moment.  My OCD/Depression/Anxiety can be very cyclical, and right now, I’m in a low spot.  Depressed, anxious, and lots of intrusive thoughts.  I field like I need a month off to get my head unscrambled, but I’m settling for an appointment with my mental health provider.

Thinking:  I can’t wait for this day to be over.  Nothing bad happening, unless you count the fact that I have to be on camera for work at 1pm.  Guess I’ll have to actually put work clothes on and do something about my hair (which desperately needs a cut).

Feeling:  Tired.  And I just woke up and got a great night’s sleep (for a change).  When I’m battling depression, I’m just fucking exhausted all the time.

Celebrating:  Hmmm.  I can’t think of a thing.

Grateful for:  My permanent answer to this is “everything”.  I should amend that.  I am not thankful for my neurodivergent brain today.  This has been a burden my whole damn life.

Weather:  Another bright sunny New Mexico day, high 68.  It’s 45 right now.

Enjoying:  Not much

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  1. I'm sorry your depression is rearing its ugly head!

  2. Try some Lois Lowry. They're young adult but fast reads and should be available at your library.