Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday Thinky Thoughts

Man, it has been a sucky couple of days at work.  I love the new job, but I was seriously questioning my decision to leave the old one the last few days.  I went from doing something I am an expert in, the department expert, to doing something I literally know nothing about.  I am the department millstone (or at least that's how I feel).  I got very little "orientation" and then bam, right into a go-live of 10 hospitals at one time on our EMR. 

Overwhelmed? Yeah you could say that.  Hubs says I am setting expectations for myself that I can never meet.  Probably.  It causes me a great amount of frustration, which makes me melt down, which I canNOT do in front (well, virtually in front of) the co-workers.  

I have the day off today, thank God.  My co-workers have been nothing but great, and one in particular has really taken me under her wing and is giving me lots of education.  But they have their own full plates of work, so, hence the millstone feeling.  I'm doing the best I can and I know that I have to believe them when they say I'm doing great.  

I have a dermatology appointment this morning--I've got a mole on my neck that is not looking happy.  After that, brunch with one a friend from my old department.  After THAT, hang out with my Mom and run a couple of errands.  

I'm going to just try and have a good day, get my attitude adjusted, and put work behind me for this week.  Not like it's going anywhere.  

Catch ya'll on the flip side.

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