Thursday, October 7, 2021

Thursday 13 -- Places

I've lived a lot of places over the years.  Here are thirteen of them.

1.  Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  I grew up in this sleepy little artsy town on the Gulf of Mexico.  I actually read an article about it in one of my Mom's Southern Living magazines the other day--apparently it's not so little and sleepy anymore (still artsy), and is quite the destination.  Who knew?

2.  Gales Ferry, Connecticut.  I hated it.  Was bullied the whole time we lived there, which was thankfully, only about 18 months. 

3.  Newport News, Virginia.  The best thing about Virginia for me was it's proximity to everything else.  Although, I had some pretty good times here.

4.  Abilene, Texas.  Moved for a man.  Left after 6 months.  Horrid place.  I'm not fond of Texas in general.

5.  Augusta, Georgia.  My brother still lives there.  It's a nice town, used to be very old money, but these days tech is taking over, and Downtown is getting vibrant again.

6.  Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  I was angry the whole time we were there. 

7.  Crescent Beach, Florida.  Technically part of St. Augustine.  My favorite part of Florida.  It's a cool little town with great beaches. 

8.  Boulder, Colorado.  Expensive, even back in the early 90s.  But I loved our little mountain house, and was sad when we moved on.

9.  Missoula, Montana.  I wish we'd stayed here, and not headed up to Alaska.  I loved my house--a restored 1910 railroad conductors cottage in a historical neighborhood on a double lot.  Original stained glass, gorgeous built-in was very small, but it was mine and I loved it.  My daughter was born here.

10.  Eagle River, Alaska.  I'm glad I had the experience of living in Alaska, but I'll never go back.  Way too many bad memories there.

11.  Carson City, Nevada.  Brown.  Ugly.  Only thing saving it was being close to Lake Tahoe.  We stayed a year while I got ICU experience.  So it was a good thing.

12.  Richmond, Virginia.  Miserable.  With a capital M.  Worst year of my life.

13.  Rio Rancho, New Mexico.  Home of my heart.  I love it here, and I'll never leave.  Now that Mom is here, and I don't have to travel back east, even better.  One of these days I'll get my brother out here.


  1. Wow you have lived in a lot of places. I have lived in 3: Massachusetts, TX and Virginia. Not to loving TX, near Houston.

  2. May, but you've jumped around the country a bit!

  3. Well, Virginia didn't rank very high with you! But then you weren't over here in the mountains, either. Very different part of Virginia here. I wouldn't like to live in Richmond or Newport News, either.


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