Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday 13--Things I Say

You can join us here.

Thirteen Things I Say….

1.           What the ACTUAL?!  (you can imagine the rest)

2.           Wanna watch a thing or what? (daily, giving hubs the option for an office night if he needs one)

3.           Good Girl, Maddie!  (a lot)

4.           Maddie, LEAVE IT! (constantly, and she mostly minds)

5.           BABE!?  Babe?!  (notably, when he has his headphones on)

6.           Love you, Babe (daily or more)

7.           Love you, Mom (daily or more—this wasn’t a thing in my family, but I’m making it one)

8.           I have no dog—many times daily (although much less these days), said in my head, when applying an important part of Maddie’s critical behavior plan—she does not get to direct the household and she is ignored when her behaviors are unacceptable (mainly for barking like a fiend).  It generally lasts about 5 minutes and then she lies down and gets #3.

9.           Hey, Bubbah (to Randall the eldest cat, why I gave him this nickname, I do not know)

10.         Dang that’s good (to hubs or myself after something tasty)

11.         I have no spoons (see The Spoon Theory, here.  Applies to life in general)

12.         I’m am so done (about 2:30pm, I haven’t yet adjusted to my brain having to work 1 more hour)

13.         What?!  (When the tinnitus is really bad) 



  1. Since my sons grew up and since getting older, I curse like a sailor, but only when I'm by myself. We keep chickens and say "how many eggs today?" a lot.

  2. I think the spoon theory is a good way to explain things to people who otherwise do not understand. I've used it myself many times, but people forget. I know what you mean when you say you're out of spoons, but most do not. It's difficult when most people start out with say, 20 spoons, and you only have 12 when you wake up.