Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Tuesday 4 -- October Thoughts

Welcome to Toni Taddeo's Tuesday 4.   Join us here.

This week, let's talk about October. Toni sure enjoyed facts about the months and questions on that topic too.

1. What are your feelings about the month of October? Does it bring anything special to mind for you? Do you have memories to share? 

I love October in New Mexico.  It’s when Fall really starts to hit home for us.  The locust tree out front goes from green to blazing gold to all the leaves on the ground in about a two – week period.  The nights start to get down closer to freezing, but the days are glorious, crisp, in the 60s-70s and bright and sunny.  One year, according to my Facebook memories, we woke up to snow.  You can see the Bosque starting to change from green to gold—a river of gold.  The Bosque is the largest contiguous cottonwood forest in the world, and lines the banks of the Rio Grande Valley.  Seeing that river of green and gold winding its way from as far north as I can see to as far south as I can see is pretty life affirming.  

View of the Rio Grande Bosque from my previous home, looking across the valley at the Sandias

2. Have you ever gone apple picking? Pumpkin picking? Any kind of picking including banjo picking at all? Do you bake pies with those fruits?

As a kid, we picked peaches, corn, and pecans.  I rented a stall and pasture rights from a crotchety old Cajun farmer named Mr. Guillotte.  As part of our “rent” he had all us kids who rented from him help with the pecan harvest (the pasture was a pecan orchard).  We did it the old fashioned way—laid a tarp under the trees, and used long cane poles (like fishing poles) to batter around in the branches to make the pecans fall.   Invariably, you got hit in the face and head numerous times with the darn things, but I don’t recall caring that much, lol.

3. What is autumn like where you live? How about when you were a child?

I live in the high desert north of Albuquerque.  We have a nice long Autumn, long beautiful, sunny days and very cold nights.  Not a lot of flashy trees, mainly cottonwood, desert willow, locust and such, but it’s golden.  The light is golden.  Early Autumn is also chile roasting time, so every store has a barrel roaster spinning out front, gas whooshing, with green chile peppers roasting inside.  Heavenly smell all over town—it’s the first smell of fall, I’d say.  Here's a neat article from The Goldilocks Kitchen and photo of that process.

Thanks to Goldilocks Kitchen

When I was a kid, things were MUCH different.  Coastal Mississippi doesn’t really have 4 distinct seasons, unless you count hot, hotter, crazy hot, and hurricane hot.  I don’t really remember an autumn per se—the live oaks and pines that are the most common trees don’t change color, and it might get a bit cooler, but nothing like here.

4. Autumn is not the same as Fall. Fall is the time when the leaves are actively falling.  What activities of Autumn/Fall do you enjoy?  Do you decorate your door or home for the season?

Getting roasted chile, walking the dog without having to worry if her feet are going to burn, enjoying the tree changing.  We don’t normally participate in Halloween because of the dog, but next year we may set up at the end of the front walk.  We’ll see.  We have a beautiful iron tree on the wall that we hand tiny ornaments from at Christmas—hubs found some cute Halloween ornaments, so we’ll do that.


  1. Welcome to Tuesday 4! So nice to meet new people (or if you've been here before, new to me!) I don't know much about NM where you live, so this was very interesting to see and hear how you celebrate Autumn there. Not sure I'd eat the roasted chilies. Not a fan of hot peppers, but I bet they do smell good! Thank you for sharing with us. so nice to meet you!

  2. I didn't know Autumn and Fall weren't the same thing. Sounds like you have a lot of yellow in your Autumn. We do too, with poplars, but also reds with maples and other trees.

  3. I love your descriptions of everything and it makes me want to visit NM. At our local farmers market there was a guy roasting chilies like that. It smelled amazing!!

  4. I love how happy you are in NM. It's beautiful country, a unique space. I visited several times when my Cousin Rose lived in Albuquerque. I don't think I ever got to see it in Fall, though.