Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Autumn in the Bosque--A Walk With Mom

Mom and I had a wonderful day out last Saturday--spent some time in Rio Grande Valley State Park, otherwise known as "The Bosque" (the cottonwood forest along the Rio Grande).  Here are some photos from that day, to cheer me (and you) up.  Today is going to be a better day--at least I got some sleep!!

We started at the Pueblo Montano trailhead, which has a neat picnic area with chainsaw sculptures made from fallen cottonwood trees.   Then we walked down to, and south along the river.

This is one of my favorite pictures--looking across the river, east to the Sandia Mountains.  Can you believe this lovely view is right within the city of Albuquerque?!  The Bosque is a blessing.  Read about it if you can, it's pretty interesting.  Here's a great article from American Forests Magazine on The Beauty of the Bosque.

The Sandia Mountains

If you look carefully, you can see Canada Geese and Sandhill Cranes across the River

Looking downriver

Nothing puts a smile on my Mom's face like getting out in nature.

This was a lovely morning.  65, sunny, a perfect Fall day in New Mexico.  We went off to Olive Garden for soup and salad afterwards.  I am so fortunate to be able to spend these times with her, and I cherish every single one.

Have a good day, ya'll. 


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