Monday, January 24, 2022


I am….

Reading:  Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson


Listening to:  Randall meowing to get into the bedroom (hubs is still sleeping, I’m the early bird of the house). 


Loving:  this morning’s breakfast, which I just made with my Hamilton Beach Breakfast Sandwich Maker (best gift ever).  Extra crispy English Muffin, a tiny bit of Duke’s mayo, 1 slice of black forest ham, a slice of pepper jack cheese, and an egg.  Delish!


Thinking:  How glad I am that therapy is actually working (and I’m doing all my exercises daily).  My arm pain is at a big fat ZERO this morning.  Huzzah!


Feeling:  Proud of myself for knuckling down and deep cleaning the bedroom yesterday.  No dust bunnies remain, I’m happy to say.  I got the Roomba running again, although for some bizarre reason, every time I turn it on, it speaks to me in a different language.  Which cracks me up, and is weird.  As long as it sucks up cat and dog hair, it can speak whatever language it wants.


Celebrating:  Mom’s birthday.  She’s 81 tomorrow.  We ordered a fresh cod loin to be shipped overnight from Maine Lobster Now.  It’ll be hear Wednesday, and hubs is making her favorite cod fish and chips for supper that night.


Grateful for:  All my healthcare brothers and sisters out there – I feel so bad for them, and am so proud of them.  If you know someone in healthcare these days, take a minute to ask them how they’re doing.


Weather:  Sunny with a high of 54.  Tomorrow another storm is moving through, we might get a few inches of snow.


Enjoying:  my new cookbooks.  I made a dish out of the America’s Test Kitchen one “Mediterranean Instant Pot” last night that was a huge hit.   


A quote I want to share:  “Keep it in the middle of the road”.  – Dad

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