Monday, March 21, 2022



I am….

Reading:  Nada.  I’m trying to figure out something new.  Suggestions, anyone?

Listening to:  my tinnitus.  It’s especially bad this morning, and very distracting.  Like cicadas in my head.

Loving:  not having to commute to work anymore.  That’s an hour and a half I’ve gotten back 5 days a week.

Thinking:  How much I hate daylight savings time.  Both hubs, the dog, and I are all still screwed up and last week’s sleep was a nightmare.  The dog still think she has to get up at 430 to eat.  This morning I woke up at 3am, again at 430, and at my usual time of 530.  Yesterday I was so beat that I went to bed at 9am and slept until noon.  That NEVER happens.

Feeling:  Frustrated.  My last couple of dishes did not turn out the way I expected them to.  At least I didn’t give up.  They were edible and ok, but not up to what I usually cook.

Celebrating:  Hubs being done with his coursework.  Next up—student teaching.

Grateful for:  a work from home job that I enjoy.

Weather:  Partly cloudy, with a 45% chance of rain/snow.  High of 52, low of 30.  Soooooo happy the humidity is 60% (whopping for us).  The last week or so it’s been in the single digits which is hell on the sinuses and lungs.

Enjoying:  being lazy all weekend.  I just didn’t have the spoons for much of anything, and literally just sat around.  I feel recharged.

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  1. No book suggestions because I believe I remember you like sci-fi and dystopian and I don't read that type of book. I've developed some tinnitus in the last year or so. At this point I can usually tune it out. I dread it getting worse. Daylight Savings never seems to bother the Poodle, but I was dreading it with the cat. He's actually adjusted so that I get to sleep later. I'm good with that! Enjoyed your answers...and I'm betting those "didn't turn out" dishes were still pretty good.