Sunday, March 27, 2022

Sunday Stealing--From Pinterest

1. Are you living a meaningful life.

I like to think so.  It’s meaningful to me, at least.

2. What’s the one thing you cannot live without?

Oxygen would be hard to live without. 

3. When is it acceptable, if ever, to break the law?

Well, around here, if you’re not doing at least 10mph over the speed limit on I-25 and I-40, you will either cause an accident or be run over. This means you'd better be driving 85.  85mph...seriously.  Kind of scary.

4. What do you want your final words to be?

I would prefer not to have final words.  I just want to die peacefully in my sleep.

5. What do you think are the five most beautiful things in the world?

Boy, these are some heavy questions.  The most beautiful things in the world?  Kindness, Charity, Peace, Community, and Love.  Those will work for me.

6. What makes you feel empowered?

Being trusted to make the right decision.

7. Which is more important–what you say, or how you say it?

In our world today, with texting, and emails, and working remotely, I think very carefully about HOW I say things before I hit send.  It’s easy to misconstrue something when there’s no tone of voice or body language to go with it.

8. Do you live to work, or work to live?

A little of both, I expect.

9. How do you think the world will change in 10 years? 50? 100?

10 years...who the eff knows.  50 years...we're probably effed.  100 years?  I don't have high hopes.  I'm just gonna live in the moment, ya'll, as best as I can.

10. What is something you’re certain you’ll never experience?

I am relatively sure I’ll never hold my grandchildren.  It is what it is.  Some would say you reap what you sow, but eff that, things just are what they are.  I still have hope, which is a relatively new thing for me...for a long time I had too much hope, and then I had years when I had zero hope.  So a little is better than nothing.

11. What one responsibility do you wish you didn’t have?

The weight of the financial solvency and planning on my shoulders (I've been thinking a lot about planning for the future lately).  Hubs doesn’t want to have anything to do with financial planning.  It pisses me off, but it’s another one of those things that just is.   I need to put this house and stuff in a living trust, because it's all in my name.  I don't want him to have to go through probate and all that.  I'm currently searching for an estate lawyer who won't fleece me.

12. What is something you’re embarrassed that you’re so good at?

I can be very pedantic sometimes.  Very much like Hermione Granger in Harry Potter.  I’m very smart, and I like to tell people things because knowledge is just so cool, you know?  Then I realize I’m being very Hermione and it’s annoying to other people, and I get embarrassed.

13. What’s the one thing you most want to achieve before you die?

I’d like to catch up on saving for retirement.  The side gig is really helping with this.  I want to have a decent retirement, like my Mom, where I don’t have to worry about every penny.  I've just finished reading a great book that absolutely blew my mind called I Will Teach You to Be Rich, by Ramit Sethi.  Lots of great ideas, and I'm pleased to say I'm following many of them (side gig, funding my 401K to get the full match plus, etc.)

14. What’s something that offends you?

The lack of consideration in society right now.  What happened to us caring for each other? 

15. What makes you most angry about the country?

This return to authoritarianism and hate for those unlike us.  I was so disgusted by the questions asked of the supreme court nominee, I wanted to vomit.  What has happened to this country--there are so many who want to turn back the clock to a time when so many people had no rights at all.  WTF?!?!


  1. Yes, we do have similar answers to most of the questions.

  2. I agree with you on #14. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  3. #2 - Great answer.

    #14 - I kind of agree with this.




  4. When I read your answer to #11, it made me thankful for my husband who is an excellent planner and money manager. It was tough when we were young and he would have us on a budget and we had many fights over it. At 63, I'm glad he did it. I thought the questions were heavy today, too.