Sunday, March 20, 2022

Sunday Stealing--Swap Bot


Join us here.

1. Do you like sushi?

Love it!  I’m not incredibly adventurous when in comes to the fish, I tend to stick to ahi tuna, salmon, and shrimp and soft shell crab tempura, but I love the little fish eggs they put on top of some of the rolls.  Our favorite sushi joint, Sushi King, makes a great cucumber and seaweed salad that I could eat every day.

2. What color is your car?

Both of them are blue.  We didn’t plan that, exactly, for the second car, but it was all the dealer had in stock, other than black (NOT a good idea in the desert) and white (booooorrrring).

3. What is your favorite thing about the place where you live?

It’s a three-way tie between the beauty of it, the history, and the multiculturalism.  New Mexico is an AMAZING place to live (and to visit!).

Looking across the Rio Grande bosque at the Sandias

4. Are there brands of certain items that you will ONLY buy that brand? Ie paper towels, ketchup etc

Definitely.  I’m picky about all sorts of things.  Only:  Duke’s Mayonnaise, Bounty paper towels, Signature Select toilet paper (store brand), Trader Joe’s Everything but the Bagel seasoning, World Spice Smoked Paprika, Diamond Crystal Kosher Salt, Threshold 700 thread ct Sateen sheets from Target, Zum Bar goat’s milk soap, Dawn Powerwash dish detergent, Heinz Ketchup, Hunt’s Fire-Roasted Tomatoes, Cento Italian Seasoning, Kimlan Soy Sauce, Red Boat Fish Sauce, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Cod Loins from Maine Lobster Now, Keller’s Farm Store beef, M’Tucci’s sausage (local), Samsung phones and computers, Hill’s Science Diet Lite Dog Food, PureVita Limited Ingredient Dry cat food, Kaboom Bathroom Cleaner, and many, many more.  I will go out of my way to get this stuff if I have to, because there’s something so irritating about something that doesn’t taste or work the way you expect it to.  On the upside, I prefer the pandemic no-name sanitizing wipes to Chlorox wipes.  Took a pandemic to change my mind, ha!

5. Are you allergic to any food? Animals? Plants? Medicines?

Just a medication called Cefazolin (Ancef or Keflex).  That stuff will kill me, I have anaphylaxis with it.

6. Have you ever been stung or bitten by an animal?

Well yeah.  Bees, hornets, cats, dogs, horses, fire ants (ouch!), mosquitos, horseflies, deer flies (triple ouch!)

7. Do you have a favorite bird? Do you feed the bird at your house or the park?

I love raptors (hawks) of all kinds.  There are many in this area (it’s a target rich environment—jackrabbits, mice, etc.).  They like to sit on the light poles.  We put out a hummingbird feeder every year, we get a lot of them!

8. What would you recommend binging on Netflix or similar?

Something older—Justified, on Amazon.  One of the best shows I’ve ever seen.  Star Trek Discovery is great, as is Picard.  The Expanse on Amazon—amazing sci-fi.  Downton Abbey, also older, but much beloved.  If you know who James Gunn is, and you have a fine sense of the bizarre, try Peacemaker on HBOMax.  It’s hilarious and weird and …. Just goofy.

9. What is your proudest achievement?

My nursing career, as a whole.  I love being an RN, and it was the best decision I ever made.  The absolute best.

10. Do you have or are you from a big family?

Nope, realllllllly small one.  My father was an only child of two only children.  My mother has a brother and sister, and only the brother had children—1 exactly.  I have one cousin, and one brother.  That’s it.

11. What do you do for exercise?

Walk the dog up the arroyo or around the park.

12. What would be your favorite breakfast? (You didn’t have to cook it yourself.)

Hmmmm.  That would be a tie between a carne adovada stuffed sopaipilla at Hot Tamales and a BLT at Denny’s.  If I’m cooking, I go in cycles….right now I’m loving bagel thins, cream cheese and lox or chili crisp.

13. is there an item that you really want but can not afford?

Well it’s several items actually, but I positively COVET a kitchen remodel.  New cabinets, countertops, and a sink would be awesome.  But that is way out of my budget right now.

14.  What was the farthest distance you made for your holidays?

Alaska to my parents in Georgia.  That was about 10 hours on a plane.  Torture.

15. Are you afraid of speaking in public?

 Not particularly.  It makes me a bit nervous, but I’m capable.


  1. The family situation is the same for me. Dad's family had just him and his sister and she had two boys way older than me. Dad just had me. Mom's had two sisters and neither had kids. So I've got no siblings and 2 cousins who I really don't know well and who don't live around here, anyway. When I see all the drama in my husband's large family (he was one of 7, there are 9 grandchildren and 19 great-grands between them) I am pretty much okay with my small family.

  2. How could I forget mosquitos? They feast on me. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  3. Your breakfast choices sound exotic and yummy! I've always wanted to visit New Mexico. Maybe some day in the future we will travel there!

  4. 3. Never made it to New Mexico on my trips across the pond. ever say never though.

    8. Love Star Trek. Looking forward to season 2 of Picard and the next Discovery too.