Thursday, March 17, 2022

Thursday 13--Office Stuff


I am dog tired this morning, after a terrible night of little sleep, so I'm cheaping out on this one.  Here's thirteen things I can see from my office chair.  

1.    A little statue of Hermione Granger casting her first spell that hubs gave me.  He calls me Hermione, sometimes in wonder and sometimes in exasperation.

2.    The work computer, sitting on it's stand.  I keep that puppy closed (I have a set of dual monitors), no camera for me, thankyouverymuch.

3.    A glass of ginger ale.  What I start the day out with, then on to coffee.  I'm losing my taste for coffee, which is kind of sad.

4.    Ginger's pawprint/picture.  This sat in a drawer for a couple of years after she went across the rainbow bridge, because I couldn't bear to look at them.  Now it makes me smile and think of her with love, which was the purpose, I expect.

5.    A bobblehead of Princess Leia.  Hubs has put a bit of tape over Leia, and written my name.  Which is sweet.  She has sat on every desk I've ever had since we met.

6.    A sign that says "I'm a Nurse.  What's your superpower?".  Given to me by my Mom.

7.    A beautiful handmade card from my previous boss, that says "You're ONE of a KIND".  

8.    A picture of my family, back before Dad got so sick.  We had gone to our favorite oyster bar on one of my visits home (Rinehart's, in Augusta, Georgia).

9.    My headset, so I can talk and type at the same time.  Rarely use this anymore, the last job was wayyyy more talking on the phone.  Don't miss that part.

10.    A cute little cat who holds post-it notes.

11.    A stand for my cell phone

12.    A recipe for Drunken Clams with Noodles.  Really looking forward to making this one, but will have to make a trip to the International Market for some of the ingredients.  I love tearing recipes out of magazines to make later.  Downside is I never remember the magazine it came from.

13.    A queen sized futon.  Serves as my couch, a Maddie bed, a place for all the goofy stuffed animals I like, and a bed, should someone ever visit.  

Have a great day, ya'll.  I will definitely be taking a nap at my lunch hour!


  1. A nice collection view. I mostly see stacks of paper!

  2. I love these posts. I think you learn a lot about a person by what's on their desk.

  3. You have a sweet husband. I’ve one, too. He thinks my purse is like Hermione’s. A joyful day to ya. :-)

  4. I want to redo my office but the immensity of the chore keeps me from it. Too many books, bookcases, and a huge desk that I would love to replace with something sleek and modern keeps me from moving forward. I loved this post.

  5. Oh, this made me wistful! We no longer have offices at work. We reserve desk space and have to carry everything to/from each day. No decorating your space. No self expression. I miss building my work nest. I get it, there could be another variant and work-from-home again. But I missing having an office. Sigh.