Thursday, March 10, 2022

Thursday 13--Randomness


1.  Yesterday, we had to take the neighbor's little puppy to animal control.  It got out of their yard, and came to our house.  We tried to keep it inside for the day, but poor Maddie was losing her mind.  Thankfully, there were able to get it from animal control later in the day.

2.  Pursuant to number 1, I don't think we'll ever adopt a puppy again.  Ginger was almost 6 months, and house trained when we got her, and Maddie was 2 years old.  There are some many adult dogs out there in need of a loving home.

3.  Also pursuant to number 1, I barely could think straight and get any work done, thanks to all the puppy/Maddie commotion.

4.  Made New England Boiled Dinner in the Instant Pot last night.  Man, that recipe is near to perfect (it's on my recipe page, btw).

5.  I wish this week was over.  The dull audit continues, which makes the days feel 40 hours long.

6.  Hubs, Mom, and I are going to participate in the annual Run for the Zoo in May.  We'll be doing the one-mile walk.  

7.  Also in May, my brother and his family are coming to New Mexico for the first time.  I'm so excited to show them some of the amazing places here.

8.  We are still wearing masks in public indoor spaces (like stores).  Not ready to de-mask just yet. 

9.  Hubs is finally done with all his coursework.  Student teaching has been put off until August, thanks to Covid.  

10.  I have an appointment with an estate attorney to set up a living trust.  I want to make sure that if something happens to me, everything will go smoothly for hubs.  It made things very easy for Mom when my father passed away.  Adulting at its finest, lol.

11.  I really need to get out of the house and take a walk today.  I'm feeling a little claustrophobic.  The down side of working from home.

12.  Spring is springing at the Botanical Gardens, time to take another trip down there with Mom.

13.  The weekend is almost here, huzzah!!


  1. Happy TT! Mine is up, too! I know what you mean about not being able to demask in public anxiety is still eating at me.

  2. Coming from the Irish in New England, I love a good boiled dinner. Now I eat bubble and squeak which is similar.

  3. Good for you for getting the will/trust thing taken care of. We redid our last spring after my niece turned 18 and we no longer needed a trust for the young ones. The puppy adventure sounds somewhat harrying!

  4. I got an InstantPot for Christmas last year and haven't made a thing in it yet. I need to check out your recipes and jump in.

  5. #2 is so very important!

    I'm with you on #8.