Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Thursday 13--Yucky Food


I have been called picky.  Mostly by people in my own family.  MOST people think I eat an incredible amount of diverse things.  But, I do have OCD, and I think that definitely plays a part in my.... let's call it "specificity" about all sorts of various things.  It genuinely makes me uncomfortable to not have x,y,z or to even think about eating a, b, c.  It extends beyond food, of course, but foods I dislike are the subject of today's Thursday 13.  

1.    Lima beans

2.    Red Delicious apples 

3.    Pears.

These three are about texture.  I can't STAND anything with a mealy texture, and these three items are at the top of the mealy list for me.  I'll bet red delicious apples were once wonderful, just like pink lady apples or honeycrisps are now, but they've been engineered into mealy land to better ship to the grocery stores of America.  Lima beans are huge in Mississippi, but not so much in New England.  It wasn't a veg we were served at home (because my parents are from New England), but it was on our school lunch plates often.  Ick.

4.    Bananas

5.    Improperly cooked okra

These two things are all about the mushy, slimy factor for me.  Bananas have both those qualities, and I'll only eat them in something like banana bread.  Improperly cooked okra gets slimy, but that's easily remedied by lightly frying them before you put them in a gumbo, for example. 

6.    Chicken Livers/Gizzards

7.    Tripe

8.    Any and all innards (unless they are WELL hidden).  

The idea of eating innards is just one of those things that grosses me out.  I have put beef lung and tendon in pho, well chopped.  Hubs likes it, and frankly, I couldn't taste it.  Mom loves liver, but she never made it for us because my Dad despised the smell.  Hubs eats all this stuff, because it's traditional in Puerto Rican/Nuyorican cuisine.  He cooks and eats it.  I stay far, far, away, lol.

10.    Turnip Greens

11.    Canned peas

12.    Canned seafood, like sardines or smoked oysters or herring

The first two are from school lunches--we had turnip greens at least twice a week and canned peas once a week.  Just no.  I'll eat them all day long if they are fresh, but canned things (with the exception of corn and green beans) I just can't do.  The last one is funny, because my parents LOVE canned fish.  Especially creamed herring, which my Dad loved to shove in my face and tease me about.  It's a New England thing, I think, or a function of their age, but I just can't eat little fish with all their bones in them.  

13.    Broccoli

When I was pregnant, a million years ago, broccoli cooking was that ONE THING that made me immediately nauseated.  I loved the stuff before being pregnant, and I haven't eaten it since.  For some reason, broccolette (rapini) or broccolini (broccoli rabe) do not bother me, and I love the flavor.  Go figure.

What foods make you go YUCK!?


  1. Interesting list! When I was a child, I was very very picky about food textures. I could chew and chew and chew a slice of beef and was never able to swallow it, so I stuffed it inside my cheek, ate everything else, and after supper, I'd go to the washroom and spit my meat into the toilet and flush. I now absolutely loathe gristle on chicken or beef. Just can't eat it.

  2. When it comes to texture and slimy, icky sensations it's nuts and egg plant. I love peanut butter and nothing smells better than fresh roasted peanuts at the fair or those sugared almonds, but I can't eat them. I want to. I try to. I fail. Egg plant is just mushy and yuck-o to me. I also can't eat the calimari that is the actual whole little octopus/squid or whatever it is. The tentacle rings are fine, but that bulbous, squishy body....((((shudder)))). Lastly, eggs in which the whites remain "boogery."

  3. When I was pregnant I couldn't bear t he thought of Mexican food. I don't like runny whites of eggs either.

  4. Texture is a big deal in food. That's why I'm overweight, because I like the texture of chocolate! (Well, it's a good excuse. Sort of.) I also don't like runny eggs. When I hard-boil an egg, you know it's hard boiled because I boil them for 20 minutes.

  5. I disagree with you on bananas but I get what you're saying. Texture is why I simply CANNOT ABIDE uncooked tomatoes. They are just wrong. That thin, silly skin. That runny consistency when look inside. Those prominent seeds. EW! ICK!

  6. I cook liver so it tastes likes steak. The Husband doesn’t believe me, lol. He had a bad experience eating liver so that’s it for him. Lamb is yuck for me.