Sunday, May 15, 2022

Sunday Stealing--Hodgepodge


Join us here.

1. Where do you get your news these days?

A combination of the Washington Post app and one of the local TV station apps.  I never, ever, EVER watch the news.  For some reason, it’s not as ugly when I’m reading it.

2. Do you like crab meat? What makes you crabby?

Love it.  When I was a kid, we went crabbing a lot.  We used these round string crab traps, and would put chicken backs and necks in the bottom.  Hang them in the water, tie them to the pier, and come back later.  Crabs!   What makes me crabby?  Having too much to do and not enough time to do it.

3. Does freedom mean more choices? Have you ever felt there were too many choices? Elaborate.

I think Freedom definitely means more choices.  I am pretty good at make what I call a “command decision” about what I want to do.  I don’t think an abundance of choices is necessarily a bad thing.

4. Barbara Millicent Roberts was introduced to the world on March 9, 1959...that's Barbie to most of us. Did you have Barbies as a kid, or did you let your own children play with Barbies? What well known Barbara (living or not) would you most like to meet?

I was not the Barbie type.  I had Breyer horses and books, and spent a lot of time outside reading, wandering about telling myself stories in my head, and pretending.  My aunt had an original Barbie (the first one!) and would bring it out with all these handmade clothes that my Oma had sewn.  It was fun, but I remember like the hall with all the books and the National Geographics much better than the doll.  My daughter was too young for Barbies when I was around, and had a lovely handmade rag doll named “baby”.  I doubt her Dad would have gone down the Barbie route….  As to a Barbara that I’d like to meet, I would go with Barbara Eden.  I loved her in I Dream of Jeannie.

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5. What are three things you value most in another person?

Kindness, open-mindedness, and honesty

6. How would you define “old.”  At what age is a person old?

I think it’s different for everyone, and up to that person to define their age.  Eighty and up, I think of as “elders”, but not necessarily old…

7. A place you’ve been that’s “old.”  Tell us something about your visit there.

Bandelier National Monument.  It’s here in New Mexico, and is a place where ancient Puebloans lived.  There is evidence of human habitation going back at least 11,000 years.  It’s a fascinating place.  I went last with my cousin a few years ago.  The below picture is one of the "cavates" where people lived. 

8. Something you miss about the “good old days.”  When were they?

Consideration.  People had manners when I was a kid, and were more considerate of each other.  We were more of a society then, rather than a group of individuals.  At least it felt that way.

9. In what way are you a 'chip off the old block'? Or if you'd rather, in what way is your child a 'chip off the old block'?

I have my mother’s dark brown deep-set eyes that turn down at the outer corners and her high cheekbones, and dark brown hair.  My daughter, despite her strawberry-blond, blue-eyed father also has those same features, as does HER daughter.  It’s cool to see those genetic markers playing themselves out over four generations.

10. Old fashioned, Old Testament, old timer, same old same old, old glory, good old boy, old wives tale...choose an 'old' phrase that relates to something in your life or the wider world currently and explain.

“You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”.  I beg to differ.  Maddie is 5 years old, and learned a new trick in about 3 days just this last week.  I taught her to sit at the back patio door and stay.  I open the door wide, and she sits until she hear the words “Maddie, go, go, go”.  Heelers are smart, that’s for sure.

11. July 5th is National Hawaii Day...have you ever been to Hawaii? Any desire to visit or make a return trip? Pineapple, mango, or guava...what's your pleasure?

My brother was stationed in Hawaii for 10 of the 12 years he was in the US Navy.  Although, to be fair, he spent a LOT of time at sea.  His first wife was from the north side of Oahu, and I went out there for the wedding with my parents.  That would have been about 1985.  I don’t have much interest in going back—there are too many other places I want to visit.  I love pineapple, but more than a few bites triggers an apthous ulcer  outbreak in my mouth (canker sore), so I rarely eat it.  I love mango, and am indifferent to guava.

12. Last time you were 'thrown in at the deep end'? Explain.

When I first took the auditing job last August.  I literally got one day of training and was handed 10 surgical services audits to do.  Talk about learning on the job.  I shed more than a few tears of frustration over that, but eventually, I got over it.

13. Sun, sea, sand, salt...your favorite when it comes to summer?

Sun.  I’m sitting outside right now on my patio, enjoying the afternoon with a beautiful, sunny, clear blue sky.

14. Bury your head in the sand, the sands of time, draw a line in the sand, pound sand, shifting sands...pick one and tell us how the phrase currently relates to your life in some way.

Bury your head in the sand—lol.  I am doing this right now with the war in Ukraine, the formula shortage, and all the idiotic conspiracy theories that are coming out of both things.

15. On a scale of 1-10 (1 = make your own rules and 10=like a warden), how strict were your parents? If you're a parent where on the scale do you land? 

About a -10.  Literally, they were too busy with each other or working, or whatever to be strict.  We sort of ran wild.  True story—my Mom and Dad would take us to New Orleans for the day.  They’d drop us off at Jackson Square in the French Quarter, hand me a $20 bill, and we’d agree to meet back there at 7pm, then go somewhere for dinner.    I was around 12, and my brother was 9, so this would have been about 1974.  We ran all over the Quarter, went to the Voodoo museum, played along the river, got snacks at the various vendors, and generally had a blast.  New Orleans (and the South in general) was a different place back then.  A grand time was had by all (never did know where Mom and Dad got off to….) and no-one got kidnapped or lost.  My mother tells this story and it still blows her mind that her and Dad did that.  


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  1. I do not like watching the news. Everything is so bad. Loved your answers! Have a nice day!

  2. I have never tasted guava and think I have only tasted mango once.

  3. #15 does sound like a blast! And man, that couldn't happen today. I love pineapple.

  4. I agree that reading it ticks me off less than seeing on TV.